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I joined the V-DAY club at school this week. Its goal is to do its part to bring violence and sexual abuse against women to an end. We are selling V-DAY tshirts and bracelets. We are also having a 2 and a half hour program during school. there will be permission slips (i know, sucky) handed out probebly next week. yay
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well i ended up not going to school monday (i was sick)
so i sat at home. My cartouche came in the mail so i was super excited.That is the highlight of my year. i have the erge to watch movies, but i dont have any to, im even boring the shit outa myself.

now i must finish my collage.
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My gov paper

Our Government project was to write a story of what would happen if our class was dropped off at a desert island it is.

Island Adventure

We arrive at the tropical island with everyone stirring uncomfortably.” What will we do? Who will guide us?” They ask innocently. “I WILL.” I state aloud to the other members of the class. They all look at each other with nervous expressions. “Well what would you suppose we do first than?” asked one of the students. “First,” I said with confidence, “I will create a name for the Island. I choose Candy Island.” Everyone looked confused. “Why would we call it that? Can’t we name it after drugs, a designer label, or something else that displays how corrupted we have become because of mainstream Society?” One of the classmates said. “No, no, poor misguided creature. We will name it Candy Island, for I shall gift all of you with mounds of candy that you can only dream of.” I said with a grin. “But first you all must help build our new town. Only then can you receive the delicious candy goodness. ”

So the class quickly got to work on the new town. A large hut was built in the center of the town, it was for the President. Since the type of government was chosen as a democracy, because I know I would be chosen, I was picked to be ruler of the island. With many huts built and many straw umbrellas set up, the class finally finished building the town. “Master, we finished building the town, do we get the candy now?” they said with pure hope. “No, No, poor misguided creatures, first you must find a fresh water source and farm the land. You shall plant vegetables for miles! Only then may you receive your special gift.” I said with a grin.

So the class quickly started to farm the land and fresh water sources were found. There were vegetables planted for miles, just as I asked. “Master, we finished finding water and farming the land, do we get the candy now?” They said with pure hope. “No, no, poor misguided creatures; first you must cook my vegetables and bottle my water. Only then will you receive the special gift.” I said with a grin.

So the class quickly got to work on bottling the fresh water and cooking the vegetables into delicious concoctions. The food was stored as to not spoil, and the water was placed into a large refrigerator. “Master, we finished bottling the water and cooking the vegetables, now can we have our special gift of candy?” They said with pure hope.
“No, no, poor misguided creatures. First you must rest after all that work. You haven’t slept for days! Go to sleep in the huts you built, the candy will be ready for you in the morning!” I said with a smile. And so they went to sleep.

I snuck into the huts late at night to look down on them while they slept. All of them cuddled up in their beds…Poor unfortunate misguided creatures, how vulnerable they are, and with such hope.
That night, all of them were put to sleep for good by injecting poison into them while asleep. The End.
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16 year old marco owens' body was recovered earliar today at stoney creek park. His remains were found scattered in different areas of the park, and police officials are still looking for the dead teenager's decapitated head. The boy's torso was found with ritualistic markings carved into the flesh. large portions of the body are still missing, and police are starting to find clues leading to cannibalism. If anyone has any information that would help solve this mystery call your local police station. this has been a 12 o' Clock news break, stay tuned for Senior Chef's guide to how to find the cheesiest pizza in town.
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Marco Owens (1988-2004)

We will always remember him.
may he rest in peace.
and God, please help them
find the body.
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Friday was fun. I played with Gwen and Kristine. We watched a taped LOST and ate stale gummy bears. well you see, only the top layer of the 100 lb bag of gummie bears was stale, the bottom ones were fine. FEW!!
Than we danced the night away. shoop.

today (saturday) i went to lunch with my grandma and than played with kristine for the rest of the day. we ate NACHO!
tommarrow, well tommarrow is still to come. who knows what the future holds for me. maybe ill read or maybe even listen to music in my room alone. can't wait. Rock on avril! WOO!
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my week

my vacationything was quite nice. i don't want to go back to school yet, i have one more day. and sundays are ALWAYS a blast. expecially when you're grounded. ah-yes.

I hung out at crystal pathways talking to genifer for almost the whole day friday. im a creeper. but i had a good time. than i had rio wraps...
ahh..the simple pleasures of life. QuasaRios...

i barely got to see anyone this week. eh-good alone time i guess. there's christmas stuff everywhere. thats nice-NOW WHERES MY GODDAMN PRESENTS!

i had to untangle fuckin X-mas lights the other day.the cat keeps trying to eat them. GOOD TIMES...

well that about sums it up.
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